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Q1. What is the meaning of RMCS?
Answer: RMCS means Rainbow Multi State Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd.
Q2. How many types of members are there in Co-operative Society?
Answer: There are two type of members:-
  • Ordinary members
  • Nominal or Associate members
Q3. What are ordinary members?
Answer: Ordinary member means a person joining in the application for the registration of a Co-operative society and having minimum one share of the Co-operative Society. He has right to attend and vote in Annual General Meeting.
  1. A member of the society shall exercise the rights of a member if he has paid the membership fee and purchased minimum one share as specified in the bye laws.
  2. Right to receive notice of general body meetings as per bye-laws of the society.
  3. A member of the society shall have one vote in the affairs of the society.
  4. A member of the society shall exercise his vote in person and he shall not be permitted to vote by proxy.
  5. A member of the society shall have right to attend and take active part in the proceedings of the general body meeting.
  6. A member of the society shall have right to take part in elections and contest for any post as per provision of the Act, Rules and Bye-Laws of the society.
  7.  A member of the society shall have right to inspect members register, books of accounts or any other record and obtain certified copies of the documents.
Q4. What are Nominal members?
Answer: The society may, in the interest of promotion of the business, admit a person as nominal member or associate member on payment of fee of Rupees 10/- only provided that such member will neither be entitled to subscribe to the share capital of the society nor allowed to have any interest in the management of the society including right to vote, contest election as director of the board or participate in the board or general body meeting of the society.
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Rainbow Multi State Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. is not a Company. This is a Co-operative Society Registered under MSCS Act, 2002. Facilities of this society are not open for general public. We are providing all facilities to the members who are registered under this society. The person, who wants to become an Associate member of this society with his own interest, should apply for membership in prescribed format of the society with Rs.100/- as Associate Membership fee. Society has the right to accept or reject the membership application without giving any reason thereof.